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Flynn Wright Advertising Agency

Media Certification Intern | 2023-Present | Des Moines, Iowa

  • Create paid digital advertising campaigns targeted based on geography, behavior, demographics, and psychographics
  • Integrate organic and paid search, social, and digital content
  • Create innovative media buying solutions that solve complex client issues, enable accurate measurement, and maximize ROI
  • Execute media buys in local, regional, and national print media 

Drake University Board of Student Communications

Advertising Manager | 2022-Present | Des Moines, Iowa

  • Optimized print and digital advertising space for six student publications into a revenue-driving product

Drake University Communications & Marketing

Photo Bureau Manager | 2022-Present | Des Moines, Iowa

  • Facilitate communications between the marketing department and student photographers 
  • Ensure events are covered by either a student or contract photographer
  • Organize files through the image hosting service SmugMug

International Lyric Academy 

Marketing Consultant | June-August 2022 | Vicenza, Italy

  • Recorded and edited audio and video for events, producing over thirty hours of content
  • Served as an advisor to General Manager in both creative and strategic executions 

The Cedar Rapids Country Club

Marketing Coordinator | 2020-2023 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Executed digital campaigns to increase venue rentals
  • Proactively identified and resolved pain points, resulting in optimized KPIs and increased member satisfaction
  • Managed and produced content for all CRCC-related media accounts
  • Created targeted email lists for management to reach members more effectively
  • Provided an exceptional customer service experience and consistently exceeded members’ expectations 


Bachelor of Arts- Journalism & Mass Communications| Drake University | May 2023

GPA: 3.45 | Advertising Major | Marketing Minor | Music Minor


Google Analytics Certification | Google Digital Academy | Skillshop                   

Reddit Ads Formula | Reddit Fundamentals Exam

Programmatic Essentials | Basis Technologies                                                              

Social and Behavioral Research | CITI Program

Digital Media Essentials | Basis Technologies                                                               

Contextual Targeting Essentials | Basis Technologies