My Pitch

 I am a Marketing professional with intuition and drive. When I work with your company, I’m presenting you with new ideas to push your business towards market trends and communities that will consistently appreciate what you do. I’ve learned the dos and don’ts, so your business doesn’t have to. Let’s begin giving your brand the attention it deserves. 

I create content like the advertisement above for your company. I photograph, edit, design, and post all content for your business.

Current Partners

The Cedar Rapids Country Club

  • Coordinated 5 different teams and lines of communication to successfully produce weekly membership newsletters
  • Designed promotional content for venue rental
  • Photographed Fine Dining, A la Carte, Cocktail and other menus items
  • Designed new menus for seasonal and holiday selections
  • Managed all CRCC related social media accounts
  • Updated and maintain CRCC website
  • Spearheaded design/layout for the CRCC Mobile
  • Advised on communications amongst management and members

Where did I begin?

I first began working at The Cedar Rapids Country Club as a bus boy. I would clear dishes, deliver food, clean the kitchen, refill coffees and waters. I started this position when I was fifteen. Every summer after that I’ve returned to the club for work, saving most my earnings so I could attend the school of my choice. I eventually started working events as a server. By the time I was 17, I had worked my way up to a slightly better paying position as a lead banquet server.

After my summer as lead banquet server, I attended University. When I came home, I knew I needed to make more money to continue to afford attending college without incurring debt. I sat down with my boss and asked him if I could begin doing Marketing for the club. They’d previously had little to no marketing done on their behalf, so I saw it as an opportunity for myself and them.

I began photographing venues, the member experience, and creating advertisements. Pretty soon I had caught the board of directors attention, and they decided to keep me on full time. Since then, I’ve been building my portfolio of professional work I’ve done to present to new companies, and begin working for them!

I plan to return to The Cedar Rapids Country Club this summer to continue building my portfolio. Next fall, I will return to Des Moines and present my portfolio to The Des Moines Country Club, and hopefully start doing work for them.

I’m attracted to the fine dining aspect of these establishments. I enjoy setting a high bar for all public communications and advertisements that are published on behalf of companies.